The Top Ten Pitfalls of Live Auction Planning for Charities: ...and how to fix them

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If the property meets your needs, you must draw up a realistic budget so that you go into the auction certain of your maximum bid price. You also need to discuss the potential purchase with your lender to ensure you have the funds available to complete at the prescribed time post-auction. Essentials to bring along with you to the event include your ID, a means to pay the deposit and the details of your solicitor. When it comes to placing a bid, make a clear sign by raising your hand or waving a copy of the various auction particulars.

Some events will use numbered cards or paddles, which you can pick up when you register. Subtle movements such as twitching your eyebrows or scratching your ear might work in the movies, but are unlikely to impress an auctioneer in reality. The atmosphere can become exciting and sometimes results in enthusiastic bidders getting carried away.

Be aware that houses are frequently offered with a minimum reserve cost; the auctioneer might indicate when this price has been reached. Notify your solicitor of your purchase immediately so that you can complete within the deadline.

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At key milestones within your campaign create a video detailing everything that you have already been able to do with the money and thanking donors for their generosity. Then, after acknowledging existing donors, conclude the video by mentioning how close you are to your goal and what it will mean for you, your family, and your friends when you hit it. By showcasing existing donors, you will evoke the power of the social proof more on that later and make these donors feel appreciated, increasing the odds of repeat generosity.

I have seen many a campaign doomed to failure simply because the recipients did not actively share their campaign! When you start a campaign, you need to share it on every social media platform that you have. Post it on your Facebook, update the link in your Instagram bio, post a story on SnapChat, and Tweet out as much as you can. You need to continually share updates about the campaign and continue to encourage donations as the campaign progresses. But you need to look at your crowdfunding campaign the same way you would look at starting a small business or turning in a project for school.

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Look at other personal fundraisers that have been wildly successful, plan out your message, and be sure that you have a clear plan to share your campaign. Understand that you need to follow the common rules of etiquette and politeness when asking for money online. Be sure that you are regularly sending thank you letters to donors and updating your campaign to let people know how much their support means to you. It is also important that you are transparent and honest about where the money is going and exactly what it is being used for.

This level of honesty and transparency will create a feeling of trust and assurance, increasing the odds of a donation. I highly recommend that you avoid any of the major business crowdfunding websites and only use platforms specifically designed for personal fundraising. If you want to raise more than a few paltry dollars, then your campaign is going to require careful planning and maintenance. You will need to treat your crowdfunding campaign like a part-time business and take it seriously. Nobody gets something for nothing, so be prepared to put in the work to make your campaign a success.

Regardless of what type of campaign you are running, you need to be overly enthusiastic in showing your gratitude for every gift no matter how big or small. While most of these principles are common in the world of business crowdfunding, they are equally applicable to personal campaigns and will result in a drastic in your results.

The first little hack that you can use to increase the success of your campaigns is to actually give to other campaigns. This bias basically states that whenever you do a good deed for someone else, that person and the people who noticed will feel obligated to repay your actions in kind.

Luckily, most crowdfunding campaigns make it incredibly simple to leverage this bias to your advantage by showcasing your donations to various campaigns. This means that anytime someone looks at your profile or campaign and notices your own generosity, they will feel obliged to reciprocate.

Depending on which platform you are using, your donations and activity are often factored into where your campaigns are placed on the site. In fact, according to many studies , this is one of the greatest determining factors in if and how much individuals give. One of the best ways to show your donors that they are having an impact is to clearly break down the specific ways that their money will be used.

This will allow donors to have a clear vision of what their money will be used for and the positive effect that their contribution will have on your life. Using this kind of language helps readers relate your message and problems to their own life and actually envision themselves contributing.

This makes it imperative that you completely fill out your profile and provide as much personal information as possible. Basically, it is the concept that human beings express more empathy and compassion towards specific individuals as opposed to vague groups. Most crowdfunding platforms factor in the number of donors whenever they decide which campaigns to display on the front page.

Once again, many of you who are versed in the basics of consumer psychology understand the power of social proof. Just like customers are more likely to buy when your company has hundreds of positive reviews and highly visible testimonials, donors are more likely to give to campaigns when they see their peers and friends giving to those same campaigns.

Well, this is actually a very effective psychological hack that you can leverage to increase donations to your personal cause. By implementing the above tactics, I promise that you will drastically increase donations and reach your crowdfunding goals sooner than you ever thought possible. If you have any questions about how to raise money for a personal cause or want to ask us about something you read in the article, feel free to drop us a comment below! Raising money for a good cause online this year? Here is how to use digital tools, great content, and social media to help you take your fundraising game to the next level.

In order to encourage people to donate and give generously — make sure you create content that gives them a reason to. What kind of language should you use? The sites do all the hard work — you just have to make sure that your cause tells a compelling story. Social media is an amazing online tool that allows you to create a virtual community around your cause. Use your social media channels as a place to engage with people, and share your progress with followers on a regular basis.

Make social an integral part of your fundraising campaign. In order for the word to spread online, you will need some high-profile advocates to share your content or fundraising page.