The She-Beast of Shoggoth

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The shoggoths are biological. Thus, they eat and cast off waste.

She's A Beast

And of course the spoor would itself be contain terrestrial chemicals altered into a new form by their digestive systems. As Elders and shoggoths are largely aquatic, the substances would have contaminated or seeded the oceans, introducing molecules that would not have arisen, naturally. The Elders might have been surprised to discover that shoggoth spoor made of Terran substances were alive, and, after determining that it constituted no threat to them, allowed it to continue developing just to see what would occur.

Nihilists might laugh a bit at the thought. They always thought that life was a piece of shoggoth-spoor, anyway. But what would some of the populace which, for example, was scandalized by Darwin think? You touch on some very good points — some of which I addressed in some previous articles on the Shoggoths.

However, you make some excellent points. Samples of Shoggoths, humans and Deep Ones need to be compared to determine how closely related if at all we are!

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The idea that maybe we all evolved from shoggoth droppings amuse me immensely. Chuck, you are genius. This is all very interesting. I have a long theory of my own, so if you dare to read it — I find mine pretty awful pack your bags. Perhaps the Deep Ones granted the shoggoths some kind of special treatment in return for assistance with making Cthulhu rise and obtaining human sacrifice?

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We must remember that the shoggoths were very powerful and could use force against those who treated them adversely poor, poor Elder Things! And the Spawn of Cthulhu was never said to war against the shoggoths. Every alien body that came was turning on the Elder Things.

Perhaps the Spawn learned from the mistakes of the Elder Things.

The She-Beast of Shoggoth

Perhaps they took a few shoggoths. If so…then the shoggoths might help in an infestation of Innsmouth. And during that night when Zadok Allen was a child, perhaps they were there. Perhaps the Deep Ones were going to bring them up again. There are other connections between Innsmouth and shoggoths. Or Ephraim.

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No problem — I enjoy your responses. This is one topic I have heard a lot of interesting hypotheses on. However, it may be possible that some type of stronger relationship was established between the Deep Ones and the Shoggoths! All your points are very valid. There really is no right or wrong answer, since Lovecraft never makes anything very clear. So I really like sitting down and thinking about these things after reading your articles.

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Well i bring a new hypotheses. There are references that some of the elder ones went to live underwater, making them evolve to adapt for the aquatic life but they preserve the ability to create the shoggoths.

My hypotheses is that the deep ones are descendants of the aquatic elder ones and during the war against Cthulhu, the aquatic elder ones just surrender and join him. Thats why the deep ones have the power to comand over the shoggoths.

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I apologize if my text is not well written, I just need a little more of practice, but I hope to contribute something good to the discussion. Hey Carlos — thank you for your comments and very interested hypothesis. The fact that Deep Ones can actually breed with humans indicates that they are closely related genetically.

The idea of being a descendant, if distant, of the Elder Things makes me feel somewhat cheered and happier. You are commenting using your WordPress. The first traveller believes the young woman to be infallible, and so he never attempts to challenge her prediction. So her prophecy is self-fulfilling because it is never challenged. The second traveller thinks to tempt fate by deliberately defying the prophesy. But in doing so, he is still allowing himself to be manipulated by her scheme.

The third traveller believes the woman is telling him whichever choice he makes is correct. So, unburdned by her prophesy, he chooses whatever he likes, but still he is manipulated by her.

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The fourth traveller is wise and realizes it is a false choice designed only to keep him from his true path. He rejects the choice and continues on toward his destination. Contribute all you want. I'd love to see other peoples' take on this. Once there was a maiden Who was pursued by a ravenous beast. The beast chased her to a cliff, where she was trapped.

In desperation, she threw herself off the cliff.