The Secret Race: Anglo-Indians

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Mum would dish out the ingredients. This was all mixed together under her watchful eye and distributed in to about dozen or so cake tins and labelled with your name on it. This labelling was all important. We did not want him to return that evening with someone else's cake recipe.

Heaven forbid! Music and dance : Music, movies and socialising were high on the agenda. We loved a dance.

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Afternoon dance jam sessions were a magnet for the teenagers where we jived, jitterbugged, tangoed or just fox-trotted. Many a lasting liaison was forged on the dance floor and today many of us are celebrating year plus marriages. Our mums sat around gossiping and seldom took their eyes off their darling daughters.

The Anglo-Indian railway and cantonment towns that sprung up around the major cities cultivated a unique social and industrial blend with a heartbeat. Their dances were legendary.

The Secret Race: Anglo-Indians

At the drop of a hat, the city cousins would jump on a train and travel for anything up to six hours to get to that up-country dance. Many of our lives revolved around the biggest and best railway system in the world. And the trains ran on time! Today, the Indian Railways transports over five billion passengers each year, employing more than 1. Between and , we built and managed 42 rail systems. This was a legacy we can be proud of. The Anglo-Indians took India to Olympic hockey glory.

From , India won five consecutive Olympic hockey gold medals. In fact, when India faced Australia in the semi-finals of the Olympics in Rome, it was a unique occasion. Education: English education played a major role amongst the Anglo-Indians. Anglo-Indian schools numbered close to and were prized. They stretched from Bangalore in the South to the cooler northern hill stations of Darjeeling in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Each was modelled on the posh English public school system.

The Secret Race: Anglo-Indians by Warren Brown

We ran them as teachers and principals and to this day, these schools are coveted across the sub-continent. Identity dilemma: The Anglo-Indian has always faced an identity dilemma because of our mixed origins. Europeans said they were Indians with some European blood; Indians said they were Europeans with some Indian blood. The world of Anglo-India vanished on August 15, when India became the largest independent democracy in the world. The British packed and went home.

Over , Anglo-Indians remained. We felt apprehensive and abandoned. So we, too, packed our bags and began to migrate to Australia, Britain, Canada, the U. Many of you will remember the dreaded Income Tax Clearance document you need to leave the country and further faced the strict Indian foreign exchange regulations that allowed you only 10 pounds each.

Imagine starting life in a new country with 10 quid in your pocket. Identity: The Anglo-Indian identity is disappearing.

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We have found new lives and merged into the mainstream. Our generation, who were born in India, growing up in the 40s through to the 60s, are possibly the last true Anglo-Indians. Look around you.

Where is the next generation? Most of our children were born abroad and their connection to Anglo-India is very fragile. Always blaming India, Israel and the West for Pakistans problems or the Hindu-Zionist-Crusaders as you call it Despite the pedestal you put Pakistan on, you would never want to live there, you prefer to live in a civilized country while at the same time maligning the very country which you leach off of.

Yes, while the Brits robbed India of much of its former wealth. They did give us the greatest gift of all and in the long run saved India's economy They dismantled the muslim empire which ruled at the time. Can you imagine where our economy would be now had that not happened.

The secret race : Anglo-Indians

A lot of us Are proud that anglo-Indians are, or have been a part of India. I also agree with you that Britain gave a lot to India. Beside all the items you have listed, they also gave India back to majority rule, and a somewhat more compassionate and sensible rule, despite all the corruption.. A couple of things that the British did were perhaps to the detriment of India. The first was the fact that it took a country that was the second richest in the world , and made it one of the poorest in the world. This was done by blocking all the possible developments towards Industrialization in India.

I found this out, when I checked the annals of Manchester Chamber of Commerce- Manchester being the center of the clothing Industry in those days In other words, they used India as the Consumer market, without letting it compete from the supply side through Industrialization. Having said that, this behavior was a very imperial behavior, and something that was done by all empires The roman empire used their imperial power to increase the flow of wealth to Rome. The trade off of losing their wealth, was well worth losing the Muslims as our lords and masters. Yeh a lot, along with famines in Bengal during the world war because of the Churchill dude.

Read the book published in called "Churchill's secret war".

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Churchill should be judged in History books as bad as Hitler, if not worse because of the millions that perished in Bengal because of direct inaction of Churchill, which was motivated because of his hatred towards Indians, like the Hitler hated Jews. Now that Britain is becoming poorer than India in 21st century economically and militarily, articles like this needs to come out to dream about bygone days. Oh by the way I am one of the so called "anglo Indians" and have lived in birkmyre Hostel, Kolkata from , if anyone lived there during that period.

Although I do not agree with many of your view points, you certainly speak with a lot more credibility than most so called Indians here who bash chinese and pakistanis like no end, by escaping themselves from the misery in India and living in UK, USA, Singapore et al. Even eating at Veeraswamy, an old Indian restaurant in London, british asians are scared.

Looking at these comments, it appears that illiteracy is a big problem still in India. Instead, we have all the educated Indians come over to the USA, contributing to our economy. It looks like India spends billions on education, and then the USA benefits.


A fine way to destroy the gifts that the Anglos gave you people. I was educated in a 'convent school' run by an order of nuns from Kerala. We had quite a few Anglo-Indians or European Indians among the students and the faculty. They were, on the whole, quite nice. The few who couldn't adjust possessed a distinct superiority complex among them, and the idea that India had "gone to the dogs", with the majority community displacing the "superior" white folk from their pedestal.

There seemed to be a festering dissatisfaction that they were now on the same level as their 'former servants'. However, many prominent Indians from the anglo-indian community have done well -- Derek O'Brien, Leander Paes, Tom Alter being some of the more well-known ones. Why so much angst!!! The AIs have lived in India for the past 60 years not asking for anything - they work at whatever they can and do not expect any privileges because of their ancestry.

India is their country as much as yours River Lord and others - all Indians under one flag - so stop the braying and learn to live in harmony. Thank you oh man of many common senses. We're constantly adding new features in a race with ourselves to build technologies that will help your books fly out of book-stores. Warren Brown is a published Author with ten books listed on Amazon. Warren is married and lives in London. Enjoy this Book? Share it