The Nursery Age Child (The Karnac Developmental Psychology Series)

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Resources to the following titles can be found at www. The adolescent finds himself in the very difficult position of having to make all these readjustments whilst he has to deal with the subsequent conflicts and anxieties. The earlier passionate mixture of love and hatred that characterizes the attachment and dependency on the parents must now be This book aims to facilitate the understandings of nursery age children, that is, children around three, four and five years, and their parents.

The nursery age child

Children of these ages are particularly fascinating. The wealth of their growing minds is apparent in their play and in their widening capacity to express The fifth birthday represents an important landmark in a child's development.

He is now ready to start full-time primary school, and we no longer speak of a baby or a little child; instead, we refer to the boy or the girl. Over the next five years, as his horizons become wider and his experiences This is a book which seeks help those going through the process of mid-adolescence - either from the point of view of the adolescent or their families - it attends to the serious strains that may have to be borne if the picture portrayed is to have any realism.

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This volume is to help parents understand what their baby is likely to be feeling in the first year. It describes how the baby's sense of self develops, with intentionality, empathy and recognition of the self. It focuses on the baby's subjective experience of the world, viewing the baby as a This volume looks at the physical, mental and emotional development of children with varying degrees of learning disabilities through tracing the development of six young adults from childhood.

The case studies are in the form of illuminating commentaries from the parents and provide extra insight A central theme of this book is the gradual process of separation between parents and toddlers and the growth of autonomy in them all.

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The author has written with clarity, sympathy and warmth about the multiple problems children face in their toddler years and she has addressed the parents with Stay on CRCPress. Sale ends Nov.

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