The Great Game Murders (Robbie Cutler Diplomatic Mysteries Book 5)

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But radio was far from dead. It morphed into a more musical oriented form of entertainment and experienced a reincarnation of sorts when rock and roll came into prominence. We can thank Elvis and few others for that. In any case, those who predicted that radio was finished were way off base. At the time, the same thing was actually being said about the movies. Why would people continue to go to theaters to shell out money when they could get the same entertainment value at home on their TVs?

Movies continued to be made as they always were, with steady advances in technology improving them along the way. Thus, movies are still with us today and remain a viable form of entertainment. Then mass market paperback came into vogue after World War II and those entertaining bestsellers keep right on coming. Old Gore even wrote a few of them. To his credit, Vidal admitted his misjudgment in another essay about twenty years later.

Just carry around your library in your Kindle.

September 28, 2011

The convenience of having several books at my fingertips, and not cluttering up my luggage, is fantastic. It reminds me of the old transistor radios when they first came out. But where are they now?

The Russian Civil War in Early 1919 I THE GREAT WAR

Gone to iPODs, everyone. But am I ready to forsake the printed page for that of the liquid crystal displayed one? E-books are also injecting new life into our backlists, which is also good news. Keep in mind that although the Y2K generation has grown up reading things off a computer screen, there are still plenty of us around who like the tactile pleasure of holding a book in our hands. Some younger people may be slow in discovering this, but I think they will.

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Neither will books. And people will always want to be entertained by it. Does it matter so much if we read our novels on a LCD screen or between two covers? The basic ingredient is storytelling. Clutch your "dead tree books" and your eReader of choice, tight, and come join us for a wild ride through the future of storytelling! Staci here, thinking about all the different types of passion. I loved reading as a kid, and that love has never gone away.

One of my favorite jobs was working part time at my college library, wandering among the stacks, shelving returned books. When the kids are playing in the backyard, nothing makes me happier than sitting on the patio bench, book in hand. I realize that not everyone loves reading. My husband barely reads the menu at a restaurant. My sister reads occasional books but likes to listen to music or surf the web.

Why murder? I think because puzzles are another passion of mine. That may explain why the popularity of murder mysteries has endured all these decades. Murder mysteries are the best of both worlds: an entertaining story with a puzzle to solve. What more could you ask for? The objects of my affections excite me, stimulate me, and leave me craving more. I can never get enough of the pleasures they provide. They are always there for me, strong and supportive.

Often they make me laugh; sometimes they make me cry. Now and then I get so furious that I want to throw one of them across the room, but usually I'm very happy in their company. We snuggle together in bed or curl up on the sofa and share cups of tea. My true loves take me traveling around the world and introduce me to fascinating people.

The Foreign Service Journal - November

They open doors for me; they offers me flowers. They reveal how magic is made and where treasures are buried, and give me the key to discovering secrets. When I'm finished with one, I may toss it aside but immediately I begin feeling lost and incomplete. I can't wait to take up another and lose myself to its promised delights. I fell in love with books before I can remember. I adored their rhythmic words and bright colors and chewable pages.

The first book I recall specifically was Little Rabbit's Bath, by Miriam Clark Potter, in which a young bunny refuses to take his bath but is denied his dinner until he has a change of heart. I made my mom read it over and over until I had it memorized. Next I developed a crush on Dr. Seuss's And to Think that It Happened on Mulberry Street , in which a boy named Marco turns a plain horse and wagon into a marvelous parade with an elephant, giraffes, and a big brass band.

From the first book I learned about the consequences of good and bad behavior, while the second showed me that I could create thrilling wonders with my own imagination. I loved books so much that I decided I wanted to write my own. My earliest published story was a private eye story that appeared in a magazine produced by my sixth grade class, and most of the fiction I've written since then falls into, or at least very near, the mystery category.

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Reading a book is a quick affair. It's immensely satisfying when a strong attraction is present, and easily broken off if it's not. Writing one is a long-term relationship with everything that such a bond entails--the moments of heady excitement, the fond embraces, the pouting and arguments, the begging for forgiveness, the sweet times when you kiss and make up, the nights when you just want to tell it that you have a headache and please leave you alone.

Yet as soon as a new one comes along, I feel complete again. There's nothing so satisfying as finding a new book to love. It's not that I don't have my passions: reading, writing, music listening only, I'm no musician , family, friends, coffee I could not start the day without it , research, and, of course, chocolatet. But right up there in the top ten okay, probably the top five would have to be WORK. Work, as in a job, the 9-to-5, the daily grind, a gig, a commission Okay, that's about all that's interesting under synonyms.

Now, want to know what's listed under antonyms? Unemployment no surprise there and Unemployment, I can understand.

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Been there, done that, don't ever ever want to be there again. Would rather be saying, "Want fries with that? So, unemployment, a definite antonym. But fun?? Who decided that work is not FUN??