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Ockwell-Smith agrees.

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We noticed you're in the UK. The sun shone like molten gold on the boating lake as I stopped and sat myself down on one of the green-painted metal bench seats. The ducks were quacking merrily and I could almost hear Debussy in the air. I had assumed you were a tourist! Car trouble. Got to pick it up. So much for fucking French engineering!

Always whingeing, you Little Englanders! Here, let me give you my number. I took the paper from his beefy hand and gave him a sly wink.

With indecent haste, just a couple of days later I was over at his apartment. It was located off a swish and swanky little mews not so far from me. He greeted me like a long-lost friend, kissing both my cheeks like many foreigners and the French always seem to do. We sat down on a leather chaise, cuddling and kissing as the prelude to our hot afternoon. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a glass-topped table displaying a martinet and a beastly-looking riding crop.

Clearly my friend had a taste for corporal punishment games. Something quintessentially British! He was right. Give it to me! These fucking hurt, you know! More Little Englander exaggeration. Where else? It was — how you might say — an under the counter item. Some straight and some, like this one, with that funny curved handle thing. He looked faintly ridiulous standng there in just his Sasha Distel-stylee polo neck top. So I ordered him to take that off too, and totally naked bent him over a chair near the window.

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He had to stand on tiptoes due to the high back of the chair. I whipped the rattan down with venomous intent. The poison took immediate effect as my French friend gasped with undisguised horror. Absolutely nothing prepares a virgin for that first stroke of their first caning! I whacked the second one down, just below where the first one had landed. I feigned complete deafness as I raised the cane again. I aimed lower still, landing a real beauty on his naked flesh. I chuckled inside with sadistic delight, for I had this French Fancy just where I wanted him.

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He should have known better than to have so flippantly underestimated the power of the cane. My cock was twitching and straining in my trackies as our CMNM scene progressed. His hairy arsehole was intermittently on view as he squirmed about. There was the promise and allure of more wild sex treasure there, for sure.

I lashed the fourth stroke down, laughing with delight at his undisguised misery. That could keep for another time! Right then, I landed two bracing parallel stripes on his French flesh. He jumped up and jigged around, rubbing his bottom vigorously.

Finding the Courage to Reveal a Fetish

His member was half-erect, and open to admiration. He duly presented the martinet to me. It was a strange item to these English eyes. Often referred to as a dog whip, this particular one was a rough and cheap item.


The handle was poorly fashioned, but the leather lashes were rather more professionally finished. I led him back to the chair, and bent him over. The cane weals were now really prominent. They were very hot to the touch and Henri groaned as I felt them all over. I spat on my finger and rubbed the wetness on his arsehole as a tease of pleasure to come. I then rubbed the handle of the martinet around the same enticing area. I thought about pushing the tip of the handle in but instead decided to lash the martinet down on the waiting cheeks.

I did it again and again. I was enjoying the moment as the leather strands whipped all around his arse, also filling in any gaps between the cane weals. I could feel my cock stiffening as I brought the whippy lashes down again. What an intriguing implement I though, and so quintessentially French!

Henri was now mewing, perhaps with pleasure but certainly with discomfort. I threw the martinet down and picked up the riding crop.

Now, the crop was a real old favourite implement. I scythed it through the air. Well, that was certainly an option. My cock was rigid and its head was straining against my tracksuit bottoms. But I really wanted to beat him hard with that crop first. I was crazy with lust, desire and sadism. The horse-whip was rather different to the dog-whip I mused as I cracked a first stroke down on top of flesh already scarred by the cane and the martinet. Henri bucked with pain immediately. I determined to make it just nine strokes of the crop, so I lashed the final six rapid-fire style and he gasped and complained throughout.

I slapped his arse a few times, relighting the barely-dormant flames of my sadism. I was already close to cumming. I pulled at his lanky black head hair as I gave a couple of final thrusts.

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Hot spurts of cum gushed from my cock right inside his young arse. Later that sunny afternoon, we swopped roles and he beat and serviced me. Well, it only seemed fair and my gosh, what fun we had!