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We introduced ourselves, and the patients volunteered information regarding their personal experience with lymphoma, a blood cancer that takes many different forms. As one man introduced himself as a five-year mantle cell lymphoma survivor, a woman at the table became emotional.

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Her husband had received the same diagnosis a week earlier and this was the first time she had met someone who was living with the disease. The support and hope she felt, knowing that there were lymphoma survivors who could share their journey and who were living with a lymphoma diagnosis, was just as powerful as the medical information she received that day. Yet, even as patients are willing to engage with the broader community early in their cancer journey, some are uncertain about where they fit in once they complete treatment. For the more than , Americans currently living with some form of the disease, the lymphoma community provides crucial strength to patients during diagnosis and treatment.

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It is incumbent upon us as members of the lymphoma community to let these individuals know that our support continues long after they transition from active treatment to long-term survivorship. As medical advancements continue to produce new and effective lymphoma therapies, these survivors find themselves part of a growing community.

In the face of such encouraging data, it may be easy to overlook the fact that the good news that follows a clear scan or blood test does not necessarily signify an easy road ahead. According to the National Action Plan for Cancer Survivorship, many survivors say they suffer from ongoing physical, psychological or financial consequences of their cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Now there are more ways than ever before for people with cancer to get the information they need. A robust and engaged community of survivors can be invaluable in providing the support these individuals need. Letting those dealing with the lasting effects of a cancer diagnosis know that they are not alone, not only in their treatment, but also in their survivorship, may be one of the most important things we can do to support them. At the Lymphoma Research Foundation, we provide survivors and their loved ones with survivorship-specific resources such as in-person educational forums, a professionally staffed helpline, a one-to-one peer support group, and topic specific newsletters.

All of these are designed to not only support the particular needs of an individual survivor, but to harness the power of the survivor community. Create File. PLoS One. Free PMC Article. Images from this publication.

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