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This 'Esoteric Dictionary' is intended as a guide investigating some of these clues, clues that may permit the sacred texts to be seen with new eyes that reveal their hidden spiritual treasure. A tight, clean, sound copy in color wraps with minor overall shelf wear with the usual library stamps and label on the top outside paper edges and the copyright page. Most of his professional life has been devoted to diplomacy and journalism. He has been minister of state and ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Spain.

The novel begins in Santa Cruz, Bolivia between the s and s when it is only the size of a village. The main character Luciano Salvatierra is a time wasting, cynical, sexually addicted, quarrelsome, treacherous and incurable alcoholic. His life is tied up in his debauchery as well as the violence of his wife's family. In parallel the author also tells the story of Osvaldo Bazan, Lucian's best friend. Osvaldo is almost a complete contradiction to Lucian. He is shy, ugly, has huge, hairy ears and a skull plagued by a terrible hair loss. He looks so bad that it is rumored that he is the son of a vampire.

The Bazan family has suffered terrible tragedy. All of Osvaldo's sisters died in mysterious circumstances when they were teenagers. The author carefully creats a world in which reality and allegory intersect perfectly and maintains a balance between reality and magical realism. This is a book with a rich atmosphere and richly detailed characters, the exotic charm of another era, a tropical eroticism and distinctive irony. La Mayor parte de su actividad ha estado dedicada a la diplomacia y el periodismo. En este novela una madre que duerme sobre los restos de sus hijas y de su marido.

Una sociedad violenta donde amor y odio se confunden.

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Madrid, Spain: Maeva Ediciones, A tight, clean, sound copy in color wraps with minor overall shelf wear with the usual library stamp on the top outside paper edges plus some tanning of the outside paper edges. Sometimes a date, an anecdote or curiosity about an author can awaken interest in a book. Twentieth century literature is fascinating, and the best way to enjoy it is to understand the literary trends guided it, the thoughts and the characters that distinguished it.

Luis Blanco Vila orders, contextualizes and explains with facility and fluency the most importantant literary works and writers of the last hundred years. This book not only provides a general and essential panoramoa of contemporary literature, but invites the reader to unfamiliar and exciting reading. The collection 'Contado con Sencillez' Told with Simplicity in a clear and entertaining history of the most important twentieth century covers: literature, music, film, football, the universe.

He has also been a professor of post-graduate courses in Library and Information Science. His work as translator, reviewer and editor of the 'Leyes y Letras' Law and Letters collection of classical literature and Renaissance humanists studies is important and includes works on St. La literatura del siglo XX es fascinante, y la mejor forma de disfrutarla es entendiendo las corrientes literarias que la condujeron, los pensamientos y los personajes que la determinaron.

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A tight, clean, sound copy in color wraps with minor overall shelf wear with the usual library labels and stamps on the top outside paper edges, the front and back endpapers, the copyright page and the inside surface of back cover plus some small closed tears at two corners on the back cover. A biblical concordance is nothing more than an alphabetical index of all words in the Bible with an indication of where they are located within the text.

As such, it is a valuable working tool. Biblical scholars and readers of the Bible, for various reasons, frequently need to locate some partiular phrase or expression contained in the sacred pages. An easy task to accomplish if a concordance is available. In contrast, when using a concordance it is practically impossible in any investigation of biblical themes to be sure of specific nuances of words of the Bible offered in different contexts or translations.

Given the difficulty of adapting this book to encompass each of the current translations of the New Testament in Castilian, the publisher decided to refer to the ecumenical version prepared under the direction of Father Seraphim of Ausejo Herder, Barcelona , The intent was that the intended user of this concordance, even accustomed to the reading and study of a different translation, would most likely have no major difficulties in using this concordance. The book contains nearly seventy thousand citations and includes almost every one of the words within the twenty-seven books that comprise the New Testament.

The exceptions are some Castilian particles, as well as a few other Castilian words which occur with such excessive frequency or which contributed very little to the particular insight that can be provided by a concordance these the publisher felt it appropriate to omit them. Son un valioso instrumento de trabajo. A tight, clean, sound copy in color wraps with minor overall shelf wear with the ususal library stamp and label on the top outside paper edges and copyright page plus some label staining and light surface wear on the back endpaper from a library pocket.

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The novel goes back and forth from the mythical past of the first Caesars to the final heirs to that lost power and its legend. Like any reconciliation, that of the Caesars is a catharsis of grief and an acceptance of the world as it is: their covenant with their inner demons as payment for their answered prayers. Novel and epic, 'Es resplandor de la madera' The Glow of the Wood is the story of several generations of Caesars all marked by an obsession to fulfill their dreams, only to see these dreams dissolve when they achieve the power to achieve them.

One should add: without the crooked timber of humanity, no literature worthy of the name could ever have been written. A1 - A Spanish language edition trade paperback book in very good condition. A tight, clean, sound copy in monochrome illustrated green and white wraps with minor overall shelf wear.

Within the research trajectory of the Colombian Association for Population Studies and after the completion of the study 'La Mujer y el Desarrollo en Colombia' Women and Development in Colombia , it became apparent that there was a need for further research into the situation of women in rural sector.

Thus was born the idea that originated the research project that lead to the production of this book. This book collects, in eight scholarly papers, the results of this study. A tight, clean, sound copy in illustrated wraps with minor overall shelf wear with the usual library stamps and labels on the top outside paper edges and the back free endpaper. He has also written several stories, a radio script and several plays.

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These works are not related only by their length. They are also united by the author's description in each of a particular obsession.

In 'Planos' Planes , the obsession is Marcelino Roimar's, a young doctor who travels to the village of Roquedal to work there for one summer. His visit is transformed into a terrifying fantasy when he experiences a glimpse into another world and the strange creature that lives there.


Despite his reputation as alienated from most people, his obsession, paradoxically, is much more rational than Roimar's. Its form is as strange as is the obsession of its protagonist. The story consists of a single sentence with hardly a pause. Its narrator is a dentist with a prosperous practice. His life, including his love life, seems to be mundane and predictable, but his monochrome existence is suddenly transformed when he makes, for him, the wondrously strange discovery that our exterior flesh surrounds bones.

New York: Twayne Publishers, BD1 - An ex-library hardcover book in very good condition that has library markings labels, stamping, cardholder, etc. Hard Cover. New York: Nan A.

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CN5 - A bound galley trade paperback book in near fine condition that has very light shelf wear. Translated from the Spanish by John Cullen.

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An ambitious and daring novel that peels back the layers of one family's history and brilliantly reveals the importance of storytelling in the formation of our collective memory. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Madrid, Spain: Mondadori Espana, BS1 - DJ is mylar protected.

DJ has wrinkling and crease on the upper front, some light scratches, light discoloration and shelf wear otherwise very good. Book has previous owner's info stamped on the first three pages and back loose endpaper, light discoloration and shelf wear otherwise very good. Text in Spanish..

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Boston: Twayne Publishers, CA6 - Book has label stain and residue on the lower spine, library stamping on the page edges, front loose endpaper, and title page, some label stain on the front fixed endpaper, label and cardholder adhered on the back loose endpaper, light discoloration and shelf wear otherwise good. Among these was the habit of exercising her handwriting by writing the following text: [3].

In addition, she and her sisters were taught to speak French and Latin. They were also educated in drawing, piano, riding and hunting. Her late mother was a soprano and Leopoldina had the chance of meeting Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in and , when she went to Carlsbad with her stepmother. Although Maria Theresa of Naples and Sicily was her birth mother, Leopoldina always considered Maria Ludovika d'Este, her stepmother, to be her mother and she grew up with Ludovika as her "spiritual mother". On 24 September it was announced by Leopoldina's father that Pedro of Braganza wished to take a Habsburg princess as his wife.