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Rather would I cut short my life! Io scendo al piano. Sharpless asks the child his name, and Butterfly answers for him, "Today my name is Sorrow. But write and tell Daddy that, the day he returns, my name will be Joy. Offstage, Suzuki can be heard shouting, "Snake. Damned toad! Every day he tells the four winds that no one knows who is the child's father!

In a rage, Butterfly runs to the shrine, seizes the dagger and threatens to stab him, "You are lying! You are lying!

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Say that again, and I will kill you! Suzuki takes the child to the other room. Butterfly replaces the dagger, goes to her son and says, "You will see, my darling, my Sorrow. You will see, your savior will take us far, far away to his land. Il cannone del porto! Just then a cannon shot is heard. Suzuki and Butterfly watch from the hill as the ship enters the harbor and drops anchor. Then Butterfly sees that the ship is the Abraham Lincoln , and she tells Suzuki, "They were all lying! All of them! I alone knew. Only I, who love him. He has returned, and he loves me!

Two hours, perhaps? The house must be filled with flowers. As the night is full of stars!

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Tutti i fior? Suzuki asks, "All the flowers? Or vienmi ad adornar "Now come to adorn me". Finally, Butterfly sits at her dressing table and tells Suzuki, "Now, come and adorn me. No, first bring me the child. My uncle, the priest? All so happy at my misery! And Yamadori, with his pursuit? Ridiculed, disgraced, made foolish, the hateful things! Butterfly tells Suzuki that she wants Pinkerton to see her dressed as she was on the first day "and a red poppy in my hair.

Coro a bocca chiusa "Humming Chorus". As the off-stage chorus hums a wordless, melancholy tune, Butterfly, her child and Suzuki begin the long wait for Pinkerton to come. Night falls.

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Suzuki and the baby are soon asleep, but Butterfly keeps her vigil. There is no intermission between acts 2 and 3. The action continues without interruption as the "Humming Chorus" ends and morning light appears. Oh eh! Suzuki and the baby are asleep, but Butterfly remains standing and waiting. Distant voices are heard from the bay. Sailors are singing, "Heave-ho! Suzuki awakes and is very sad. Butterfly tells her that "He will come.

Suzuki waits in the front room and hears a knock at the door. Pinkerton and Sharpless have arrived, but Pinkerton tells Suzuki not to wake Butterfly and asks how Butterfly knew that he had arrived. Suzuki tells him that, for the last three years, Butterfly has studied every ship that entered the port.

Sharpless tells Pinkerton, "Did I not tell you so? Io so che sue dolore "I know that her pain". While Pinkerton looks at the flowers, the picture of himself and the room that has remained unchanged for three years, Sharpless tells Suzuki that they can do nothing for Butterfly but that they must help her child. Sharpless tells her that Pinkerton's new wife, Kate, wants to care for the child. Suzuki goes into the garden to meet Pinkerton's new wife, while Sharpless reminds Pinkerton, "I told you, did I not?

Do you remember?

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When she gave you her hand: 'Take care', I said, 'she believes in you'. She has been waiting for you.

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Addio, fiorito asil "Farewell, flowery refuge". Pinkerton says "Farewell, flowery refuge of happiness and of love, her gentle face will always haunt me, torturing me endlessly.

Kate is telling Suzuki to assure Butterfly that Kate will look after her child like her own son. From offstage, Butterfly calls for Suzuki and then enters the room. As she enters, Kate retreats to the garden, so that she will not be seen. She asks Suzuki why she is crying, and then she sees Sharpless and the woman in the garden. She tells Suzuki, "Suzuki, you are so kind.

Do not cry. You love me so much.

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Tell me softly, just 'yes' or 'no' … Is he alive? Butterfly realizes that she must give up her son, and Kate asks her forgiveness. Finally, Butterfly tells Kate, "I will give my child to her only if he comes himself. In half an hour, come up the hill again.

follow Come una mosca "Like a little fly". Butterfly stands, sees Suzuki and tells her to close up the house, because it is too light and spring-like. Then she orders her to go to the other room where the child is playing.

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Butterfly then kneels before the statue of Buddha and prays to her ancestral gods. She rises, takes down her father's knife, kisses the blade, and reads the inscription. Con onor muore "To die with honor". Butterfly reads the inscription on her father's knife: "Who cannot live with honor must die with honor.