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In this example, there are 85 3-byte groups with one byte remaining. El primer grupo consta de los valores hexadecimales 00, 01 y 02, que producen cuatro valores de 6 bits iguales a los decimales 0, 0, 4 y 2. The first group consists of the hexadecimal values 00, 01, and 02, which yield four 6-bit values equal to decimal 0, 0, 4, and 2. Those four values correspond to the base digits "A", "A", "E", and "C" at the beginning of the output.

If an integral number of 3-byte groups does not exist, the remaining bytes are effectively padded with zeros to form a complete group.

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In this example, the value of the last byte is hexadecimal FF. The elements of the inArray parameter are taken as a numeric value and converted to a string representation in base The offset and length parameters are bit signed numbers. The offset parameter is zero-based. The ToBase64String method is designed to process a single byte array that contains all the data to be encoded.

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Para codificar los datos de una secuencia, use System. ToBase64Transform la clase. To encode data from a stream, use the System.

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ToBase64Transform class. If the options parameter is set to InsertLineBreaks and the output of the conversion is longer than 76 characters, a line break is inserted every 76 characters. The elements of inArray are taken as a numeric value and converted to a string representation in base The string representation in base 64 of the elements in inArray. En el ejemplo siguiente se Convert. The following example calls the Convert. Game technical issues.

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Estados de socket TCP 3m. Cortafuegos 2m. Reading 1 reading.

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La capa de transporte 8m. Sergio IT Gran Campo 1m. Tipos de registro de recursos 8m. Zonas DNS 4m. NAT y la capa de transporte 4m. Redes privadas virtuales 4m. Servicios proxy 4m. Reading 2 readings. Agotamiento de direcciones IPv4 10m.

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