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According to a recent study published in the journal Social Research Indicators, our personalities change throughout our lives due to experiences and circumstances. So what may have fit in your personal world a year ago may not be appropriate for the new you. Clean out your bookshelf, closet and video and music libraries. Donate anything that no longer serves you.

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  5. Get your entrepreneurial mojo back.

Things you no longer need could be of great benefit to someone else. According to positive-psychology researcher Barbara Fredrickson, avoiding these triggers and replacing them with things that make you feel good broadens your mind. It sparks an urge to explore and play instead of relating to the world from a place of fear. Read more: 6 Steps to Blissful Happiness.

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Research suggests that the best way to bounce back from adversity is to find meaning in every experience. Motivational speaker Dr. They find meaning in terrible times.

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Learning a new skill will boost your self-confidence and open up a whole new adventurous world filled with interesting people. Maybe you always wanted to learn French or how to salsa dance. Now is a great time to pick up a new hobby. Research from the University of London suggests that continual learning increases the ability to quickly recover from mental-health issues and stress-inducing situations.

Exercise is a great way to put the zest back into your life. Psychologist James Blumenthal at Duke University performed a study with older individuals diagnosed with depression. The study involved two treatment plans that consisted of exercise and medication. He collected data on how each patient responded to either aerobic exercise, psychotropic medication or a combination of the two.

Forget That Midlife Crisis: How To Get Your Mojo Back After 50

After 16 weeks of care, all patients were significantly less depressed. When the researchers followed up with the patients, they found those who continued the exercise treatment were still experiencing the mental-health benefits. Read more: 12 Workouts to Improve Your Mood. When you control the type of music you listen to, you can change your mood. Spend some time gathering songs that inspire you and make you feel happy, alive and sexy. Research from Pennsylvania State University, Altoona, found that music has a huge effect on your mood, especially the lyrics, so consciously choose the soundtrack of your life.

Read more: 18 Rockin' Workout Songs. To keep your mind off your sad situation, put the focus on someone other than yourself. Helping those less fortunate will put your own life into perspective.

Suzanne Richards from the University of Exeter Medical School in England reviewed data from 40 scientific papers and concluded that altruistic behavior decreases depression, enhances well-being and is good for physical health. Pout, stay in your pajamas and eat too much ice cream. Researchers say that if you want to lift your mood, just put a Duchenne smile on your face, which consists of a full smile that uses the muscles around the mouth and eyes.

If you hate smiling, a study published has also shown that biting down on a chopstick or pencil will produce the same muscle reaction, causing a decrease in heart rate after completing stressful tasks. Tap into the free benefits nature has to offer your mood.

Lost Your Mojo? 10 Ways to Get Your Groove Back

Head outside and spend some quality time in the sun. Researchers at the Baker Heart Research Institute in Melbourne collected blood samples from healthy men during several seasons. They found that the amount of sun exposure they received profoundly affected their moods. Those who had adequate exposure to the sun had elevated moods and decreased stress levels due to an increase in serotonin levels in the blood. Be sure to get enough time in the sun each day, especially if you are feeling low. It will lighten your mood and even help you sleep better.

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Just remember to wear sunscreen and a hat. Read more: The 32 Safest Sunscreens — and 3 to Avoid! The effortless act of breathing has numerous benefits and, according to the Mayo Clinic, reduces stress hormones. If family improvement is important to you, offer to host the moms from your gym for the next play date. Similarly, grab drinks and watch the game with your old college roommate, or take up the neighbor on his kind offer for a round of golf at the nearby course. When you hang out with successful people, you elevate your own game, so choose wisely.

Make that your mantra and kick your tush into high gear to get there. It can be done, so make it happen.

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Not all of these changes are easy. In fact, none of them are. Face it - feeling passionate and motivated every day for your work, family and self is a win for yourself and those that depend on you. For more insight on creativity and innovation, visit JoshLinkner. For the purposes here, I'm assuming mojo refers to desire, passion, or motivation. Environment matters.

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  • We encourage our kids to play outside, so why not take our own advice? Your calendar does not lie about where your focus and priorities are, so make it clear that you value your own time for the categories upon which you want to focus. Block out time for activities requiring your attention and adjust the rest of your day accordingly. The best of the best have the best of the best of the best as mentors. Learn as much as you possibly can from experts who want to share their wisdom, imparting helpful lessons to impact your success.

    They all require a forced change of habit, which can be a seemingly insurmountable challenge. And we all know what Einstein said about that. I've spent my career harnessing the spirit of creative disruption.

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    My journey has been non-traditional at every step: I've been a professional jazz guitarist, 4-time te