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If I could, I would dip out of life, and spend the day racing to the back cover. Luckily for me, and unfortunately for my obligations, there is an endless supply of really , really , ridiculously good books.

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Looking ahead to , it's definite that our Goodreads queues will be getting a whole lot longer. These are the books you'll want to escape into when you're having a hard day. These are the books that will stimulate your mind and give you talking points to whip out at awkward parties. These are the books you'll love so much that you'll buy copies for your friends. So, without further ado, here are the upcoming titles to put on your radar for Read These Stories Next:. You may think you have everything, but do you have something interesting to talk about at the many holiday soirees coming up in the next few weeks?

If not,. Puckering across the single bed a dingy, blue blanket fails to disguise the lumpy mattress. A weathered, Lusty chair, meant for a garden and cocktails, sits beside a small, unused Victorian fireplace in this rented room in Pimlico. Kay Starr sings from a beaten up portable gramophone, two men stand entwined in a small moon-shaped space in the centre of the room. To dance naked is unbearably exciting. Jonesy lets David take the lead. As I said earlier The Parentations was an instant hit with me, hence being one of my books of the year so far.

I have no doubt that it will be one of my books of the year full stop as ever since I closed the final page these characters and their stories have held a place in my heart which continues to grow. Go and get your hands on it. Right now. Tagged as Books of , Kate Mayfield , Review. So the Man Booker Prize longlist has been announced. Over the last few years however the love has waned somewhat. What do I think of the list? Secondly, I think this is a really fresh and much needed list. It is by no means the perfect list, but when are they?

I would have liked some more books from other commonwealth areas like Africa, India and Australia etc. Yet at the same time I love the fact that the list has so many women on it, there is some younger and lesser known talent and with a crime novel and a graphic novel a slight feel of excitement and change. I talk more about that below.

So those are my initial thoughts. Am I going to read the whole longlist?

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Not intentionally, no. Then I think I will see what takes my whimish moods, which is the best way to read anything full stop. What are your thoughts? Do you like the list?

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What is missing, if anything? One of the best discoveries of my time blogging has to be the fiction of Carys Davies. I first read her short story collection The Redemption of Galen Pike , when I was judging Fiction Uncovered back in as a submission and remember pondering if we could give it all of the prize money, it was that good.

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Every tale defied expectation, without the need for twists in the tale, and each had an epic scope even if it was a pages long. I then read her debut collection Some New Ambush at the start of and was blown away once more. So I was very, very, very excited when I heard that she had written her first novel, West , though of course instantly got nervous as to whether I would love it or not. Granta, hardback, , fiction, pages, kindly sent by the publisher. From today I am numbering him among the lost and the mad. Do not expect that you will see him again, and do not wave, it will only encourage him and make him think he deserves your good wishes.

Come inside now, child, close the door, and forget him. The discovery or even capture of these beasts Cy believes will be the making of his name and, much more importantly to him, improve the life of himself and his daughter who he is heartbroken to leave behind. Many think him mad for going on such a journey that will certainly involve many dangers, in fact many people believe he will not make it back again. It is at this early stage that the novel splits in to the two stories of Bellman and his daughter as time moves forward.

We follow Cy as he heads out on a journey that could lead him anywhere, through small towns, where in one he hires the help of a young native Shawnee boy called Old Woman From A Distance to help him journey further with added knowledge of the perils that might lie in store. Back in Pennsylvania, while her aunt reminds her regularly that she is probably now an orphan, Bess has to deal with the arduous danger or a young farmhand and an older librarian both who have their sights set on her and not necessarily for marriage.

Not a word is wasted as Davies takes us over hundreds of miles trekking through vast expanses with Cy or hundreds of days back home working out the way society and the world works for Bess. It is a mini epic in its truest form. And then one night he heard the ice booming and cracking in the river, and in the morning bright jewels of melting snow dripped from the feathery branches of the pines onto his cracked and blistered face, his blackened nose. Later that day he caught a small fish. Berries began to appear on the trees and bushes. Winter ended and spring came and he continued west. What adds to its epic nature all the more is the interweaving of both huge topics of the time and mini stories that might take a mere sentence or two, or a paragraph at the maximum.

This is never explicitly discussed or shown, the tension between Cy and Old Woman From A Distance says it all as their power struggle develops with no common language, just common ground which both are trying to gain ownership of over the other. West once again showed me why I love Carys Davies writing so much. Within her vast landscapes Davies also creates mini worlds which is the power of all her prose and storytelling.

Yet there is no mucking about with never ending floral prose, it is beautifully crafted short and sweet sentences that condense what would take some authors a chapter potentially. She also has the power to make you darkly chuckle before having your heart broken. Leave a comment. Tagged as Books of , Carys Davies. Savidge Reads Skip to content. Igoni Barrett 1 A.

Homes 1 A.

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Byatt 1 A. Robert Cargill 1 C. Benson 2 E. Lockhart 1 E. Delafield 1 E. Scott Fitzgerald 3 F. Salinger 2 J.

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Jefferson Farjeon 1 J. Coetzee 1 J.

Rowling 1 J. Frank Baum 1 L. John Harrison 1 M. Beaton 12 M. McGrath 2 M. Palacio 1 R.

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Ellory 1 R. Search for:. I have all three, though not ready for you to see my large swollen face yet. Plus, I have made it downstairs. Small miracles. I have also reached peak Savidge Reads.

In a big jumper, fire on, reading in autumnal light. Book Black Light by Kimberly King Parsons; a collection of gritty, unflinching short stories about characters on the periphery of society, morals or coping. Some are misunderstood, some are heartless, some are heart broken, some are just broken or breaking.

I will also say whilst I enjoyed the collection overall, there was a slight inconsistency.

Some felt way too short, others a little too long. One almost favourite, Glow Hunters a tale of a young girls coming of age and coming to terms with her sexuality, could have been cut a little to be an almost perfect gem. What is consistent is that King Parsons prose is brilliant throughout. For me there were several standouts. Guts, about a woman dating a doctor she wants to heal her inside and out.

Foxes, an alcoholic mother half listens to her daughters made up stories.