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This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools. Klingon Handcuffs More stock photos from Sergei Chaiko 's portfolio.

Additional Product Info. Stock Photo - Concept of freedom: open handcuffs on sand lying on a sandy beach near the sea. Saijyo no houfuku Japanese Edition! Watercolor hand drawn cartoon purple sand teapot. I on the other hand can't do anything, I can't plan to defend myself better.

I can't make different choices or change how i play to avoid this, I have to rely on the mercy of someone else to decide when "fair" is and to let me go. On another note the ability to force off weaker players from a server because you dont want them there is insane. Imagine if we have joined handcuffed and stored someone out of the way. If they didn't know where they were we could have kept them captured for days without reason at all.

If your point is there should be game play available to punish raiders then I admit that sounds more than fair. The current mechanics probably should have harsher penalties available to apply to people that steal and live light. If your saying we should rely on handcuffs to only be used in these situations and only for a fair amount of time then I think you have too much faith in people.

While it takes time to build back up from your base being raided, the whole point of PvP servers is to fight over resources and losing them is part of it. However that is very different from stopping a person playing a game entirely oh yeah they can use chat I guess, have fun with that. If the role was reversed and this one guy had weeks worth of his stuff destroyed common for solo players to either have stuff crushed or not be able to progress much that's fine though On the flipside tribes can't really complain if they get raided themselves, especially when they have a lot more mats and players to defend.

Now imagine the rage of those tribes if instead of just being raided, this guy managed to cuff and cage all of them, and keep them as inanimate blobs for as long as he wished you can speculate on "oh it'll only be a few days" but all you have to do is feed every 5 hours which is easy enough, some servers they even have prisons set up, with bounties on any new player. The whole idea of cuffs just makes the more powerful tribes stronger, and widens the gaps between them and other players, or just stops new players doing anything depending on the server, the severity of this varies.

You can't compare weeks of farming, building etc. Not to mention we shouldn't be feeling sorry for these tribes that are being raided, if they want to build a big base they should be expected to defend it. When you log off your character, or if you suffer serious trauma, or eat the wrong thing, your body becomes unconscious. This will allow other Survivors to interact with you.

They can steal your items, kill you, and even feed you! But there's something else you can do in ARK You can then do such useful things as extracting blood from them to create transfusion items, or using their poop as fertilizer, etc. However, if you're logged-in, you do. So if someone is logged-in and is trying to starve or dehydrate themselves to death, you can force-feed them food to keep them alive in your prison.

Is there a suicide key? Right now there is not a suicide key, however there are other means you can use to kill yourself - such as starving to death, eating your poop until you die, jumping off a high-cliff, punching a wall or a tree. Though if you're being held captive, there's a high chance that you'll be drugged continuously, so finding an opportunity to do these things can prove difficult. We are considering an option of having a suicide key added to each weapon, turning the gun on yourself for instance. However this won't be in Early Access and it's just a thought for now.

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They are perfectly aware and happy that you can "physically confine them and keep them alive indefinitely if you maintain their health". Is it wrong to keep someone for as long as 36 hrs as per the op's thread- Well that depends on your point of view- how many man hours of work did he ruin with his offline raiding? The tribe that has him caged is using a known and designed mechanic of the game- as specifically stated by the devs to get some payback and try to teach him a lesson- this is playing by the rules.

I'm sure they will release him eventually and hopefully he will have learnt his lessons. You're also assuming that everyone who is caged in this way has done something wrong, I can imagine plenty of high level tribes just doing this kind of thing for the lulz to newbies since it requires so little effort, and it maintains the status quo.

Stop with the handcuffs and train teachers to deal with special needs

Right now it's entirely up to the players, so the question is, would you trust other players to decide how long you can play the game on a particular server? Also yes he CAN play on another server, but I don't think it's very reasonable to be able to force players off a server especially if they've invested a lot of time there destroying all their poop is a completely different matter, but denying them anyway to rebuild whatsoever is just plain dumb and is completely destroys the idea of PvP there is no interaction here, it's all one sided, barring chat of course.

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Yes of course they are free to keep using this mechanic, although whether it's healthy for the game population is another thing, I can't imagine people wanting to log back in after this kind of poop happens to them. The main problem is there is no counter mechanics once you are caught and drugged, and the prison guard has to do barely anything to keep you in this state for long periods of time, which in contrast to actively hunting players takes a lot more time and effort. In these extreme cases we will step in. Of course they have left the terms as vague as possible, but the mind boggles at what it does include if not exactly this kind of thing.

If they mean verbal harassment, then that's pretty weak tbh, it's not like that's something you can't escape from and has far far less impact on your ability to play. They will probably add in some way to suicide, or at least alleviate the current situation, but for now I'll just put it down to a mistake they will revert or adjust at some point in the future before it gets too out of hand. Right now it's entirely up to the players, so the question is, would you trust other players to decide how long you can play the game?

My point was it is a mechanic specifically designed into the game- the Devs are aware of it because they put it in. They specifically stated it could be used and that it could be used indefinitely. On top of the mechanic of taking prisoners via tranquing etc the devs introduced a cage, In top of the cage the devs then introduced hand cuffs Solo griefers are a pita- they have nothing to loose do not care about progression and stop other players who want to move on from doing so or set them back massively.

This is a balancing issue..

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You say you can't imagine people wanting to log back in after this has happened to them- well hopefully it will encourage said people and in turn others to not do the things that got them caged in the first place. So you're saying solo griefers are a problem, what about whole tribes of them? It's not all black and white. Also if a tribe can't defend against one guy, then idk what to say, they must be pretty retarded at base design or there are some terrible game mechanics in place. What about tribes setting back the progress of solo players or smaller tribes?

Why blame everything on the lone wolf? Yes I'm aware they said that you could keep them indefinitely, but they also mentioned ways they may introduce to suicide, which suggests they are on the fence about this issue and want to see how it plays out. It wasn't my intention to blame everything on the lone wolf- i was just using the OP as an example really- you are right tribes of griefers are even worse!

However i have one question- if you were brand new to the game now and were given a few hours free trial knowing things were locked in as they are right now with this prisoner mechanic would you still buy the game?

I know i would! If I was brand new and I knew things are staying as they are I would not buy it I'm glad you are enjoying the game and are so dedicated though, that's awesome to see. I have no problems with pvp , loss, ganking etc. I'm not saying that all PvP servers will be like this, but I fear we will lose many players over this on the ones that do use this tactic too frequently.

I'll thow my lot in here also. I'm the guy who breaks senpai and bobnater out. Lay your judgments on my story at its end. Know that I take no issue with being killed, hunted and generally stomped into the ground but I take issue with being virtually imprisoned at the whims of someone who decides when I can play again. That and having to get my idiot friends out gets irritating. On server our actions can be summarized in short as thus I join with a new friend, I farm, I log, someone robs me of everything I have.

Senpai joins, we build rafts, find a player whose base defence is a farm-able rock, they have the front door unlocked. We take most of the first floor, leaving what we cannot use immediately or soon read high tier blueprints , some sea adventures later I meet alpha tribe member 1, 1s hello is a club to my face and he takes my stuff, at this point they accuse us of farming grenades to raid, I was killing a penguin for meat to live, good luck explaining this to someone who believes they are correct.

More unrelated stuff happens, we find a thatch base and break in, 1 finds us and player 3 not senpai or myself and knocks us out, empties everything the thatch base has and kills us. Keep in mind we only took some stuff, alpha tribe dumped everything for whatever reason. More stuff, Sea chase with rafts, rocket quetzals, bad aim and our eventual death, we hit poorly defended guys base because crawlspace. At this point the caging begins when senpai attacks and online player.

The capture and cage, I cannot remember but he gets free, more chasing and exploiting the render distance feature to find us and senpai and player 4 ends up in a cage. After some time, more chases I break them out, more stuff happens, eventually bobnater ends up caged, they almost get player 3 but they don't do so well with short sharp stops while grappling, turns out the ground is hard. More stuff happens but we decide to go to another server as running from people exploiting render distance with nothing to do but chase us was grating.

But that's what we signed up for. We move to , farm and play "properly" within around 5 hours a mounted Ptera lands nearby and ask us why we destroyed a crop plot with a middling plant X around metres east of us. Now we didn't do this, we explained this to them but this fellow flies off after saying "We'll look into this further". We continue farming and leveling and generally minding our own business. He returns but not alone and after a brief bunch of useless dialogue he says "This is what happens to people who destroy other people's stuff" so being the calm and rational person Bobnater is, he starts stabbing our accuser.

Mainly because he's not alright with getting stomped for something we didn't do, that and the only thing that comes after that line for us would've been bad, so hey go down swinging. More stuff happens which can be summed up as we got tranq'd and our gear thrown out of our inventories, cut to 20 minutes later I'm in a cage with my new warden uttering the line "So what's it like to know that you're new server experience is gonna be in this cage, man I've been waiting to use these things aren't they the best". So there you go denizens of ark, the story of Handcuffs and cages.

Judge as you will, chastise away. But at the point when two separate servers end up using the "caged forever lol" mechanic, something, just maybe, might need adjustment. For those of you who'll cry "You offline raided you deserve it, it's a fine mechanic, you attacked them what did you expect, don't bite off more than you can chew, you deserve more than that" and the multitude of other comments. I didn't bother to type out each time someone mentioned sometime the alpha's or another tribe had broken their own "rules".

This is why there needs to be some kind of limitation on forced captivity.