Future Indefinite: The Great Game Round Three

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He accepts the mantle of Liberator that has been thrust upon him and the decision turns old friends into foes and old enemies into acolytes as he is surrounded by murderous plots and betrayals But this is not the uninformed Edward Exeter who came naked into this hidden realm years ago. He has lived the Game and learned it well - and he intends to play it boldly to its shocking, worlds-shattering conclusion. Also by Dave Duncan.

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Future indefinite : round three of the great game, Dave Duncan

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The children are growing up quickly. Such strangers to Nextdoor thereby gained god-like status, and the first ones had indeed chosen to impersonate gods by manipulating the faith of Nextdoor's inhabitants.

Opposing the old gods were a new sort of strangers, working for a Service not unlike the British Colonial Service known to Edward. Very much in spite of himself, Edward started on the path foretold, fulfilling prophecies and growing into the role of the Liberator appointed to rid Nextdoor of the bloodthirsty god known as Death. In the second round of the "Great Game", he headed back to Earth to extricate himself from the prophecy. However, he was betrayed and dumped in the middle of Flanders, in the thick of the Western Front's worst battles. It took the help of a school chum, Julian Smedley, an old schoolmaster, David Jones, and a distant cousin, Alice Prescott, to rescue him and send him back to Nextdoor for the final round of the "Great Game", finally determined to carry out the prophecy.

However, the first part of Future Indefinite tends to drag as Duncan juggles a few too many secondary plot lines and subplots for his own good. In a novel, building up suspense can be fostered quite mechanically by simply delaying the telling of the main story. While some of the early story threads do reveal hidden meanings later on, others don't.

In fact, the story's intrinsic suspense is somewhat undermined by the fact that Exeter is now doing his best to fulfill the prophecy in all particulars, instead of getting out from under it.

The author does introduce a slew of traitors and characters with rather ambiguous motivations to make things interesting, but the only question tends to be "how will they fail or be converted? The first two volumes conjured up more than a few memories of Kipling "The Man Who Would Be King", Kim , with a sprinkling of military derring-do and a dash of Zelazny's Lord of Light , in a setting halfway between the usual backdrops of generic fantasy and a storybook version of the Far East.


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For those who might expect something similar, The Great Game has a few surprises yet in store for unwary readers, and the main one is a doozy. The greatest story ever told has been a surefire crowd pleaser for about two thousand years. However, it's only in the third book that things snapped into focus and it became clear that this is Duncan's own "Great Game".