Feels Like the First Time (Mills & Boon Blaze) (Dressed to Thrill, Book 1)

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I feel this is the next step for me. My aunt turned me onto Harlequin when I was in my teens. Do you only publish romances or are you interested in any other genres? If so what ones? Wendy Cruze Hope you are enjoying the online conference this week.

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You will need to look at all the stories you have written and enter with one that fits one of the eighteen series that we currently publish. The submission form will go live on Sept 22 at 10am EST. Jess Langhorne Indeed you can also enter the contest with your Medical submission even though we already have it inhouse for consideration. Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

Join us all week at the online conference since you might pick up additional information and tips for perfecting your story. In the end you need to decide which series you are targeting so check out our writing guidelines at harlequin. Imagine the characters dealing with a conflict such as this—it would be hard to achieve a happy ending where the reader believes a couple will love and trust each other for a lifetime. So we would prefer not to see this in a submission for Harlequin.

We are running a five day online conference this week with plenty of great topics for all writers. You might want to consider starting or joining a critique group to get feedback on your writing. Nocturne is one of the series we are accepting contest submissions for beginning Sept 22 at 10am EST. Nene Your connected stories sound wonderful—and very romantic I think. However, since they have already been published they are not eligible for submission to our contest.

We are looking for original material that has not been self-published or published by another company. If you are interesed in writing a new story aimed at one of our lines we would love to hear from you at a future date. I hope you enjoy the online conference this week and come back to vote on the Top 10 finalists. My friend and I have long debated the correct way to write thoughts in stories.

Any advice on the matter? Nadia Thanks for stopping by to post a comment. I hope your book is going well and it will be finished in time to enter our contest. Any ms should be complete by October 10th. Such a lot of great questions. Wendy Nel Soon to be Coetzee You must be very excited and busy with a wedding coming up! I would recommend you spend the week at the online conference checking out the blogs and other to gain some more insight into what makes a successful romance novel.

If you have a complete ms you can consider entering the contest if you are on target for a select series. Good luck and thanks for stopping by! Eliana Robinson Both are correct! If the thought is considered part of the narrative, it would be correct to have it this way:. However, you can also write the thought in present tense; in this case you would set it in italics:.

Delilah I was happy to hear that you have been inspired by us and other editors.

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Writing is a long hard process and inspiration is always important. I think you have taken a great step by working with a critique group so you can get feedback from others. It sounds as if your story is not ready yet for our contest but do get in touch at a later date for submission through the usual channels.

Michelle Sohl Hi, I took a quick peek at your blog story and it looks like fun. If you turn it into a manuscript format you will need to see if it fits one of our series.

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Perhaps Blaze? Follow the editors at the online conference this week and see what more you can learn about our lines. In the end you need to make the decision about your next steps.

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Many of our authors started as readers so no surprise to hear that from you. If you need more information on a series look for a session this week at the online conference or send questions to me. Best of luck! Deb Thanks for stopping by and happy to hear you are a published craft author. We look forward to getting your contest entry.

Make sure you have targetted the series that fits your story. Hey there! Just checking in to say whew, what an exciting, exhausting first day!

We bought two from the competition last year and are eager to buy many more. Any questions about the Historical line, do ask away. I have been reading through the many posts so great to see so many of you stopping by! You can also find me on twitter JoanneMGrant. So anxious to read your new thrillers, murder mysteries and noir stories!

Keep them coming everyone. What about longer, real-life romances that focus on emotional themes to do with family relationships and the community…? If anyone has any Special Edition questions, please feel free to leave them! Looking forward to it…:. But what really is the difference in the two categories? Or am I getting confused with the Super Romance category? Special Romance or Super Romance, I understand is a more emotional, in-depth intrigue genre. Big time! My characters are frantic to be heard. I just wanted to pop in and say hi to all the Love Inspired gals.

Where are the submission forms for the first chapter? Is it by email via the same address as the one for the first page contest? Can anyone advise? Hi, This is the first time I heard of this competition actually and wondered if my story would make the cut. But perhaps…this will be an opportunity to have it looked at. Just wanted to drop by and say a big hello from the Harlequin Historical team. Dawn Hi, I realize your question got lost in all the many postings. Many of our readers first discovered Harlequin while in their teens. Our romance series cover a range from contemporary to historical to suspense to inspirational.

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Alexandria Ang The submission form for the contest will go live on Monday, Sept 22 beginning at 10am. Between now and then I hope you enjoy the online conference. You can also spend the next few days polishing your submission. For the contest you can enter in one of the 18 series that most closely fits your story. Thanks for your interest in the synopsis challenge! You can email your synopsis to ucanwrite harlequin.

Flo, Laurie and myself are here if you have any questions for us.

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I confess further confusion due to my place of residence in Tasmania. Eliana Wow, you are up late! Our Twitter chat begins in less than two hours from now, so 4am your time! But you can greet any of our editors on Twitter at any time using the Twitter handles on their bios above, and find lots of contest and writing discussions by searching the hashtag sytycw14! Thanks for joining us! The allure of a great synopsis!

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Hope you enjoy your lunch! Thank you for your question regarding synopses. We find them to be an invaluable part of the publishing process.