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The processing of the concentrate takes place off-site in a secure location and, quite obviously, the fewer people who know about it, the better. Strydom owns only one diamond, a gift from her father for her 21st birthday that is not worn but stored safely away. The processing is far simpler and cheaper compared with other types of mining. Since the days of the grease table, the procedure has become more sophisticated. A container holds the machines that complete the process. An X-ray machine detects the fluorescence of the diamonds and deflects them into a secured metal box before they can see the light of day.

The stones tumble loudly from the belt after a man takes a large crowbar to the side of the equipment. He dumps them on to a sorting table. Right there in the middle is a large, brilliant diamond — unmistakable to the naked eye. He is relieved to see this sizable gem after weeks of not finding a single stone.

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The diamond is in the dead centre of the pile of stones because diamonds are heavier than other rocks. Bristow estimates that if it is a six-carat gemstone, as he thinks it is, it could be worth half a million rand depending on its colour, clarity and flaws. Another box, in which smaller stones have been sorted, produces a few more diamonds. Strydom says she still gets excited to see the gems.

Making money never gets old. With no one else willing to do it, Strydom began running the mining operation on behalf of the family and now her average workday involves at least 90 minutes of paperwork relating to health and safety matters. She has had to hire extra people because of the added administrative load, but struggles to pay their wages. In the beginning, it was more like one every three months.

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Burdensome requirements include building a structure around the diesel tank — even though the site moves every few months — and installing pricey proximity detectors on trucks that are not large enough to justify it. The licensing of vehicles and medical check-ups for staff are an ongoing cost.

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Electricians must also come in weekly. The Strydom family has scaled down its diamond mining operations by half because of the expenses related to health and safety. Seventy-five jobs went with them. Each of the large maize farms around Wolmaransstad used to provide jobs that sustained 30 to 40 families, but combine harvesters have largely replaced the need for labour.

Strydom has lived here her whole life. Now there are a lot of homeless people. Van Niekerk says the small diamond producers play a vital role in fuelling rural communities. An operation typically employs between 20 and 50 people. Over the past 15 years, since the implementation of the Mineral Resources and Petroleum Development Act in , the small diamond producers have experienced a marked decline. We are not the same as all the other mines. The association was created out of a growing need for lobbying in the interests of the industry.

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The problem for these small diamond producers is the legislation does not distinguish between a small miner and a large one. There is no definition of a small operator.

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If Botha could go back to the old way — as it was 15 years ago, when he could dig for diamonds by himself — he would probably continue. Botha has not only had to jump through hoops to keep his operation going, he has also been waiting for five years for his mining rights to be renewed. Legally, he can continue to operate, but the long waiting period is an indictment on the department, he says.

Bristow argues that producers accept the need to work safely and responsibly, but the legislation must be enabling rather than restricting. All such activities helped enhance the visibility of Baskin Robbins as a brand. Hence, this covers the entire marketing mix of Baskin Robbins. Baskin Robbins is the largest ice cream speciality store chain.

Baskin Robbins is based in Canton, Massachusetts. In India, Baskin Robbins started its first store in Mumbai.

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First manufacturing plant was opened in Pune in It is one of the largest ice-cream retail chain in the world. The Marketing Mix section covers 4Ps and 7Ps of more than brands in 2 categories. Related Business Content. Top Companies Lists.

Write for Us! Start Learning Now! Next: Britannia Marketing Mi.. Before they were isolated channels and had only intuitive decision making. They had to target a massive advertising campaign and point to only certain given demographics only. The ratio targeting is based on behavioral factors. These are big data fact-based decisions exploring from integrating channels. Once followed there is an information abundance regarding statistics. Another important consideration is to think about creating Live Events and webinars to help promote products.

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Also, spend time researching and studying Identifying your target audience. Is it a male or female predominant audience and what age group would be most affected by it. Use these techniques to foster better brand preferences when spending time reflecting on your own brand expectations. Here are some website resources to find more material on Inbound marketing.

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  • Inbound is the main website source. These 5 websites are considered five of the top best resources for all issues related to topics of marketing and social media.

    There are regular posts on their blogs detailing current information strategies across the board. These are extremely reputable sources that make almost all top five lists or at least to the top ten. One main source is Quicksprout which contains comprehensive guides to many marketing questions. It contains a Beginners guide to Online Marketing section. Content is massive and will take a long time to sift through but there is a lot of pivotal information to be learned. Another major informational website Content Marketing Institute makes the main point to specifically focus on content.

    Another called Hubspot focus on Subjects ranging from re-targeting to content marketing to on-page SEO. It has created a traffic-centric library and there is also Social Media Examiner is a well-known resource for posting all kinds of information related to all social marketing needs. There is a never ending supply of information on these websites. Take advantage of their free blogs on diverse marketing topics seems like a no brainer. Spend the time going through each one deciphering which articles meet your marketing needs.

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    One reason happens to be Cost effectiveness. We must realize that Inbound is effective because its Communication is a Two-Way street. Outbound marketing is only one way to get some customers interested in your products. There maybe some that are not internet savvy and rely more on commercials throughout watching television or listening to radio ads. But generally, most people are on the internet.