Candy Fairies: Bubble Gum Rescue

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Book Bad weather causes candy chaos in this sweet treat of a Candy Fairies tale. The Chocolate Rose.

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The Candy Fairies put on a sweet show for some special visitors to Sugar Valley in this delectable story. One Candy Fairy even plays the flute. But everyone has a special talent—Cocoa just needs to discover what hers is! Marshmallow Mystery. Raina, the Gummy Fairy, is frantic. If this important book, which holds all the secrets, history, and recipes of Sugar Valley, gets into the wrong hands, who knows what will happen? The Candy Fairies have to solve this sticky situation—and fast! Frozen Treats.

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Melli the Caramel Fairy is off to help with an ice cream celebration, and she needs a little help from her friends in this sweet Candy Fairies adventure. Melli the Caramel Fairy has been chosen to go to Ice Cream Isles to help with the preparation for the Summer Spectacular, an exciting annual event with a parade—of ice cream floats!

All the other candy fairies are jealous, but Melli is feeling unsure about going by herself. And if she makes new friends, will they get along with her old ones? Find out in this delicious scoop of frozen treats and good friends. More featuring magic.

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Magic Hearts. Book 5. Berry the Fruit Fairy is distracted from her Heart Day duties when she sees a snazzy new dress on a fellow fairy. She picks some wild candy hearts that she finds growing and tries to use those, but they turn out to be sour!

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Now, with the help of her friends, she must venture to the Sour Orchard to undo the yucky magic and try to set Heart Day right. The Peppermint Princess: Super Special. Helen Perelman. Dash the Mint Fairy digs into her pepperminty past to find out more about her family in this sweet-tacular super special Candy Fairies adventure. King Crunch will help Dash find out more about her minty past. Could she be part princess? The Sugar Ball. Book 6. In preparation for the upcoming Sugar Ball, all of the Candy Fairies are making fabulous new dresses to wear and candy treats to share.

Cocoa wants to make her outfit extra special to impress the Sugar Pops, her favorite boy-band and so creates a magical chocolate wand to match her stunning new gown. But things go wrong when she loses her wand and it ends up in the wrong hands. Now Sugar Valley is a total chocolate mess! There are chocolate puddles everywhere and the spring candy crops are all smudged with chocolatey goo.

Can Cocoa and her friends find the culprit and clean up the mess before the Sugar Ball is canceled? A Valentine's Surprise. Book 7.

Bubble Gum Rescue (Book #8 of Candy Fairies) By Helen Perelman

The Candy Fairies have a mystery to solve in this new addition to a deliciously sweet series. Raina wants to make a very special birthday treat for Berry. She's even asked Lyra, the unicorn who looks after the Fruit Chew Meadow, to grow a special flower for the surprise. But when Raina and Dash go to visit Lyra, they are in for a sour shock! All the flowers in the meadow arewilting and Lyra's sick!

Her horn is dull and she can't stand up. Something--or someone--is hurting the gentle unicorn and the meadow, but who? And what about Berry's birthday? All the Candy Fairies will have to work together if they are to solve this mystery, cure the meadow and Lyra, and make sure that Berry has the sweetest birthday ever!

A Royal Wedding: Super Special. Take part in the sweetest celebration Sugar Valley has ever seen in this Candy Fairies super special! Princess Lolli is getting married! From the engagement party to the wedding, from the bouquet to the dress, there is so much to be done—and the Candy Fairies are eager to help. Immediately she realized that his feathers were covered in thick butterscotch.

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It was shaking in her hands. I know all about sticky caramel.

She had gotten caramel on her clothes before, and it often took a while to get all the goo off. After a few rinses Melli began to see his brightly colored feathers. She stood back and looked at the little bird. He was happy to be able to move them freely. He bowed his head to Melli, thanking her for helping him. He was covered in butterscotch, and his wings were stuck together.

I just gave him a bath with the fresh well water. That must be where this one got syrup on his wings. All the caramella birds are in danger!

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What else did the sugar fly tell you? Sugar flies passed information around Sugar Valley. If a fairy wanted to get the word out about something important, the sugar flies were the ones to spread the news. Will you take us to where you got butterscotch on your wings? His yellow feathers gleamed in the sunlight. Melli beat her wings faster. She was very concerned about what kind of sticky mess they were going to find. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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Learn more about Amazon Prime. While putting the finishing touches on her special caramel chocolate candies, Melli finds a small bird, his feathers coated in sticky butterscotch syrup. How will the Candy Fairies protect the animals and their yummy homes from this candy catastrophe? By using pink, chewy bubble gum to plug up the crack and save the day, of course!

The entire Candy Kingdom discovers that working together always makes life sweeter Read more Read less.