2020 Vision: Business Transformation Through Technology Innovation

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Security and risk Rapidly advancing digital technologies are changing how customers buy insurance and engage with their carriers and insurance agencies. But does this spell the death of the insurance agency?

Article: Digital Business Transformation reshaping HR space

As customer service organizations grow more complex, the day-to-day work of a contact center agent will change. Automation will tackle simple, repetitive tasks; agents will need different skills to Most financial services companies are taking a narrow approach to personalization. Digitally empowered customers are seeking and expecting better, more relevant experiences, but product-oriented Enterprise architecture EA offers tremendous value as firms address digital transformation and how to become customer-led, insights-driven, fast, and connected. To see how the practice of EA will A strong transformation partner will help your firm disrupt your industry by using technology in unique ways to create a sustainable advantage.

Choosing the right one depends on the capabilities The issue of blockchain power consumption keeps coming up in questions from Forrester clients, and this will continue as long as we see press articles calling out the massive electricity The banking industry has entered a period of unprecedented innovation. While many banks have woken up to the threats, few have embarked on a true digital business transformation. This report Add Digital Transformation. Added Undo.

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Digital Transformation is in my interests. Remove from my interests. Moreover, in reviewing the direction it will take under the long-term business framework, Yokogawa has clarified the ideals that it will strive for in the next 10 years and beyond. Core competencies Three core competencies need to be strengthened, including the capability to co-create value by uncovering and resolving clients' potential issues.

There are three core fundamental competencies, including the capability to create extremely reliable products and solutions to support industries and society. Businesses focus areas Yokogawa continues to focus on the industries related to resources, energy, and materials. Also, under the TF plan, we will seek to focus on new businesses in the pharmaceutical and food industries that support people's health and enrich lives.

As one long-term initiative, the company will focus on the bioeconomy field. Based on the sustainability goals and long-term business framework, Yokogawa formulated Transformation "TF" , a new mid-term business plan for initiatives that will improve profitability and take the company's transformation to a new level TF includes the following text that explains the ideal that Yokogawa is striving to achieve: "A company that seeks to build a sustainable society by using its core measurement, control, and information technologies and pursuing digital technology innovation and co-innovation with its customers that revolutionizes productivity in a wide range of business processes.

Achieving Digital Business Transformation Using COBIT

As a basis for the three transformations, Yokogawa will seek to improve productivity both for itself and its customers by developing architecture that makes full use of digital technology. Yokogawa will help its customers achieve a transformation in their productivity by enhancing the value added by the company's AI, IIoT, and cloud-based products and other solutions, thereby leading to new opportunities for growth.

And to establish a firm foundation for continued growth, the company will make increased use of RPA, digital marketing, and mobile work solutions as well as network and security technologies.

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The company will make the aggressive investments needed to make this happen. The problem is acquiring the talent to use this cognitive technology to its full potential. By creating open forums in which team members can openly discuss the new technologies being leveraged by the business and how it affects their roles, as well as exchange skills, data and information, the organization can move forward as a cohesive unit. Also, by upskilling your staff with relevant digital courses and giving them the tools, time as well as resources to keep building upon their talents, you will ensure that digital transformation remains at the core of your business strategy.

There is a shortage of digital skills globally, but by taking the initiative to spot weaknesses within the organization, you will be able to close it, and put processes in place to ensure that with new trends come new learning programs.

According to Forrester's predictions report, the evolution of digital and its impact on businesses the world over will be the core concern for companies looking to cement their place in the future. Already huge disruptors, AI and ML technology will continue to be a colossal force in the business world, meaning that members of the C-suite must commit to new operating models that actually add value to the organization. Predictions suggest that while blockchain will not disrupt any industry, those companies that understand its power and potential will continue to invest.

What's more, tech leaders will begin to experiment with quantum computing , following in the footsteps of industry leaders like Microsoft, Google and IBM.


In addition, disruptive companies will morph their traditional business models into business platforms that can connect with customers directly or through intermediaries and partners. This shift in approach will see questions in the boardroom revolve around platform-based models, new partnership ecosystems, and innovative ways of organizing the business for success. By preparing for these changes, business leaders will be able to remain one step ahead of the consumer, retaining the capabilities to form long-lasting relationships that stand the test of time.