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However, please don't wear flashy jewelry and don't bring the "Louie" along for the tour. If you would, then Ok, responsibility's on you. Actually, If you don't take pictures we'll be offended However, if you took the time to take a picture of a sleeping dog you know you did , at least snap one at a mural or something or a sleeping dog with a mural behind it.

If not, we won't love you You don't pay if you don't like the tour A few. So, here goes a little serious note to you: You can't show up to a tour with a long face!

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Please, appreciate that first, and then go on a tour. On another side we work from too early, until very late, every day of the week and ignore our families many times, to make sure you have an awesome time. We can't provide that if we try but you don't show up wanting to see the city from a different perspective.

Ok, so, people think that we are like your average business where you pay, and we go out to get drunk. We work with the "Juvie", and privately with cases that we know of. We don't help all-day, everyday, because we're not doctors or goverment workers; we do what we can, and we try to do it as often as possible. Not only was his graffiti art much larger, but his art conveyed a much more dramatic appearance. He quickly began to create huge human figures that were often sarcastic in appearance and resembled comic and video game art.

He participated in many artistic endeavors with Ericailcane from which also helped him gain large recognition.

In , Blu had the opportunity to travel to many destinations and was often invited to art festivals. The street art mural that he made in this location was very significant because wide audiences across the Internet were able to view it.

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The flowers and lady bugs have a warm feeling to them, contrasting with the cool grasses. By choosing an electric purple and pink for the two trees, a mythical land is created, one far from reality. We can identify this work as the face of a man, but the color selection here makes this man feel otherworldly.

Blue light from the right side adds highlight to the valleys on his face. Kofie is a famous LA street artist.

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He only uses grays, greens and orange to create this large work. By choosing a simple color scheme, we are forced to concentrate on the geometric shapes. The lines and swirls of bright, primary colors have great movement and energy and almost appear to be dancing. This user gallery has been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.

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